Scot and Hamish talk with Angelo Coco from Invention Pathways about fundraising. Fundraising is, unfortunately, an area where many projects fall short...View Details

Belinda talks about Brand Archetypes. A fascinating insight into how to structure your brand.

R&D Grants & Tax Rebates

Scot and Hamish talk with Jagdeep Jalota from Invention Pathways about how to structure your business so you can take advantage of the Federal Governm...View Details

Scot and Hamish have an enlightening conversation with Angelo Coco from Invention Pathways about how inventors and entrepreneurs should structure thei...View Details

Hamish goes into the finer detail of how to create, choose and think about the subject of product brand naming. Some of the topics that Hamish discuse...View Details

Scot has an interesting conversation with Belinda Vesey-Brown about Neuromarketing.

Scot talks with Belinda Vesey-Brown about business and branding.

Brand Structures

Hamish explains what the three types of Brand Structures are and why it’s important for the entrepreneur and inventor to decide which structure will b...View Details

Scot is madly passionate about invention and he explains why a large number of patents originate in Australia and New Zealand.

Hamish and Scot talk to OH Marketing’s Creative Director, Michelle O’Hara about marketing strategy, social media and marketing trends. Michelle was ve...View Details

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