Using Professionals

This week Hamish and Scot talk about using professional service providers as part of your entrepreneurial journey. Are they a cost or an investment? As you’ll hear from Scot, the benefit of using his services is not just great product design. As an industrial designer, he can allow you to access R&D tax incentives as well as a wealth of knowledge around tooling, cost control, and how to design a product to ensure you can maximise your profit.

Hamish talks about why the relationship between the entrepreneur and the service provider has to be a level playing field. Hamish explains why the term ‘service provider’ is not ideal because of the relationship to work both parties have to be ‘peers’. Hamish offers some interesting perspectives on the working relationship and why as an entrepreneur it’s vital that the people you engage for your project offer ‘pushback’. If you’re not being challenged, are you getting the best value?

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