Scot thinks the subject of engineering is a tad on the dry side, however, as you’ll find out there’s quite a lot of interesting points you’ll need to consider.

Scot explains CAD and why he prefers to hand draw concepts before utilising CAD.

Hamish and Scot discuss how the ‘feel’ of a product is considered before manufacturing and is incorporated into the design phase. The physics and dynamics of how a product feels when it’s picked up or used are crucial for product positioning and price expectations. Who knew binocular grease could make a product more exclusive?

Designing the product to be sold. We talk about why some parts of design exist to improve the look of a product which does nothing to enhance functionality.

Scot talks about the role of 3D printing in design and manufacturing, and why people assume it’s the future.

We discuss the concept that you are always selling what you’re doing with each step of your journey to take your idea off to market. You first sell the idea to yourself, then you sell to people like us who will help bring your concept to life, then you sell to investors or financiers, and then finally you sell your product to customers. We both cover some interesting points on what you can be doing at every phase in the project.

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