Hamish and Scot were privileged to speak with Sarah Barnes who gave us an inside look into how she and the team at Transitional Level Investments work with tech startups.

Transition Level Investments was founded by Steve Baxter (Shark Tank).

Transition Level Investments backs early-stage startups from angel through to Seed rounds, and connect sophisticated investors with VC-grade, screened investment opportunities.

Sarah was kind enough to recommend the following resources to our listeners:

Send us your pitch – www.transitionlevel.com/pitch

http://theleanstartup.com/ (recommended reading for any entrepreneur)

Where to go to get help:

River City Labs. https://www.rivercitylabs.net/

Fish Burners. https://fishburners.org/

Startup Onramp https://www.startuponramp.com/ (Great program run by Colin Kinner & Nick Shewring)

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