Scot talks about setting up your venture for national and international sales and distribution.

We discuss the various roads to take to market. Do you sell the product yourself, use a distributor or approach a multinational?

Are you aware of the different hats you need to wear as an inventor? Hamish and Scot talk about their experiences in working with inventors and entrepreneurs and some of the pitfalls you should avoid.

Hamish talks about the varied audiences that you need to sell to - not just your target customer.

Hamish talks about price and the perception of value when you add on the cost of postage and delivery. Hamish explains why your price strategy is a critical part of your brand messaging.

Scot talks about why Australia is often a test bed for multinational companies developing new products.

Scot and Hamish try not to politicise the podcast by talking about the risk of entrepreneurship and if it’s any less safe than having a nine to five job.

Vote 1 Off To Market™

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