The theme of this episode is 'Getting Yourself Organised'. Scot talks about product and patent planning, and Hamish takes a philosophical view of what is needed on your journey to commercialising your idea.

Scot discusses one of the most critical points in the commercialisation process which is helping clients to establish a budget and looking at the different costs involved.

Learn how to avoid getting on a ‘cash rollercoaster’.

You’ll find out about the three approaches to commercialisation; licensing, distribution or retail sales. Which one is best for you?

Learn about patent strategy, is your idea worth protecting immediately or do you need to do more work on your concept before you spend thousands on patent applications.

Hamish talks about the need to establish a support base for yourself and to make sure you schedule in enough downtime away from your project to enhance your creativity. Hamish explains why time away from your project will ultimately benefit your business.

Listen to find out more.

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